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We stock the Abus Bordo bicycle bike lock Australia. Padlocks online & padlocka online Australia. Abus padlock supplies Australia.

Australian agent for abus padlocks and padlock supplies as well as Xtratec garage door locks and Xtratec garage roller door locks and anchors. Abus diskus padlocks nad Abus bicycle and bike locks sach as the BORDO. Abus online Australia. oadlocks, hasps and key blanks.Abus chains are avaialble as well as their broad range of quality padlocks and hasps Australia online. Online padlock shop-Abus and Lockwood ASSA padlock & padlocks. Abus 83/45 padlock, abus 82/55padlock. Abus Granit and Rock padlocks Australia are available.Garage door locks and anchors by Xtratec, Boss Bollards, Xtra-tec.

Roller door locks Australia and replacement garage roller door locks such as the xtra1a, xtra2a, xtra2aext by Xtratec for your garage or roller door.

We stock the Boss Bollards roller door anchor. BSS roller door anchor. We stock Abus padloks for all appilcations. Abus high secirity padloc range Australia online padlock supplies.

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Anchor 13


XTRA-LOK anchors are proudly manufactured in Australia.

Suitable for commercial roller doors & shutters as well as domestic applications

such as garage roller doors, tilt doors, & panel lift doors.


Each model comes complete with hardened tamper resistant concrete fixings and 4 cup

head bolts.


The hinge has a 304 grade stainless steel hinge pin for strength & durability.


 • The base plate is made from 4mm zinc treated steel plate to prevent corrosion.


 •The base plate has 4 fixing holes for concrete fasteners. (Supplied)


 •The base mounting holes are positioned as to give the maximum pull out strength

   available to the fasteners



The concrete fixings are hardened and 50mm long


 • Each fastener has more hold down than a 10mm sleeve anchor.


 • 5mm masonary drill bit required for installation to concrete


 • When laying flush the highest point of the base plate is 10mm, being the hinge.



Click here for a printable product brochure


Click here for technical product information


XTRA-LOK Xtratec Garage Lock XTRA2A Xtra LOK 2A Roller Door 

XTRA LOK 1A ROLLER DOOR ANCHOR. Xtratec Garage Lock XTRA2A Xtra LOK 2A Roller Door. We stock XTRATEC XTRALOK XTRA-LOK garage lock

Xtra2a garage lock, Xtra1a garage  lock, Xtra2aext garage anchor lock

Garage anchor lock. Abus range of quality padlocks available to suit Xtratec gaarge door locks.AVAILABLE HERE: Xtratec, Xtralok, Xtra-Lok roller door locks online Australia wide.

Xtratec anchor point also available. Xtralock roller door anchors and xtratec garage roller door locks and anchors.XL1, XL2, Xl2AEXT Xtratec Anchor garage locks available Australia wide. Xtratec garage roller door locks and anchors online. We stock the Xtratec Xtra-Lok Xtralok range of garage locks and anchors. We also stock Abus padlocks to suit these range of anchors and locks. Abus padlocks Australia and online. Abus padlocks Melbourne.

Replacement garage locks available for B & d, roller door garage doors. Xtratec & Abus products to suit.

We also cut keys to your code number. Contact us for all of your online padlocks Australia.

FREE SHIPPING     on anchors



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Abus Australia . Abus padlock Australia. Abus padlock online and Abus high security padlocks. Locks online

Australia. Australian locks online. Our range includes Abus, Xtratec, KJ Ross, Jane remotes, Silca keys & key blanks and more. Contact us for your Abus padlock requirements.

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